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Witching Hour Long Sleeve Jumper

Witching Hour Long Sleeve Jumper

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Greetings, all you ghouls and gals of the night! Spooky season has descended upon us like a ghostly mist, and we've conjured up something especially eerie for you - the "Witching Hour Long Sleeve Jumper" in a sinister bottle green hue.

🧙‍♀️ **The Witching Hour Is Upon Us** 🧙‍♀️
Embrace the enchantment of the season with our limited edition jumper that's perfect for the witching hour and beyond. This isn't just a jumper; it's a bewitching concoction of style and spookiness that will leave everyone spellbound.

Picture this: a frog, donning a witches hat, gallantly riding a broomstick through the moonlit night. Above, the words "Witching Hour" cast their spell, and beneath, the phrase "double bubble, frogs are trouble, full of mischief and wonder" weaves its own enchantment. It's a print that's both mischievous and filled with the wonder of Halloween.

But the magic doesn't stop there. The sleeves are adorned with grinning pumpkin skulls and intricate spider webs, adding a touch of eerie charm to your every move. It's the perfect way to wear your Halloween spirit on your sleeves, quite literally.

On the chest, a curious sight awaits - a snail with a skull shell, a combination of the whimsical and the spooky. It's a print that adds an unexpected twist to your Halloween attire, making you stand out in a crowd of ordinary costumes.

The "Witching Hour Long Sleeve Jumper" is not just an article of clothing; it's a bewitching statement of your love for all things spooky. With its limited edition status, it's a collector's item that only the most dedicated Halloween aficionados will possess.

Embrace the spirit of the season with Grim UK Apparel. Order your "Witching Hour Long Sleeve Jumper" today and make Halloween a little bit more mysterious, a little bit more enchanting, and a whole lot more stylish. The witching hour is here, and it's time to join the party! 🌙🦇🕸️

  • 80% Ringspun Cotton, 20% Polyester
  • Regular Fit, Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
  • Cosy Brushed Interior
  • Pull Over, Crew Neck

Our model wears size L. 

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