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Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt in Black

Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt in Black

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Introducing the Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt in Black, where the worlds of tattoo artistry and anime collide in a sensational fusion. This unique piece is not just a t-shirt; it's a canvas of creativity and craftsmanship born from a special collaboration with the multi-award-winning tattoo artist, Siitattooist, based in Lancaster.

Siitattooist is renowned and respected in the inked community for his exceptional talent, specializing in Anime Tattoos. Now, you can wear a piece of his artistry with pride. This t-shirt is a true testament to his craft and the remarkable synergy between the worlds of tattooing and anime.

Join the fusion of two artistic worlds. Express your individuality with a piece that represents not only your style but also the incredible craftsmanship of Siitattooist. Don't miss out; order your Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt today, and be part of a unique collaboration that celebrates creativity, expression, and artistry. 

T-shirt also available in White.


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