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It's For Me T-Shirt

It's For Me T-Shirt

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Oi, ink slingers and needle warriors! Feast your eyes on the "It's for me" T-shirt - the ultimate shade-throwing attire for tattoo artists who've had it with the endless parade of upside-down ink. This ain't just a shirt; it's a statement, a rebellion against the frustrating walk-ins and infinity symbols.

🤘 Bright Colour, Bold Print - Throwing Shade in Style! 🤘

We're not here to whisper; we're here to scream. This shirt is bright, bold, and unapologetic. The words "Your Tattoos Are Upside Down" read upside down because sometimes you've got to speak the client's language - even if it's upside down.

Our "It's for me" T-shirt is your silent protest in cotton form. Order now, and let the shade-throwing commence.🤘💀


  • 100% cotton
  • Screen Printed
  • Bold Yellow Colour
  • Sizes S - 2XL


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