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Ghost Snail Sticker Pack

Ghost Snail Sticker Pack

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What do you get when you cross a Sheet Ghost and a Snail? You get a tattoo sticker pack that slithers through the shadows. Brace yourselves for our Ghost Snail Sticker Pack  - This ain't just a sticker pack; it's a cryptic collision of the creepy and the crawly, neatly packaged and ready to infest your world.

Customize your notebooks, laptop, or even your guitar case with the ghostly snail and its creepy companions.

🤘 x5 Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers - This One's for the Lovers of All Things Creepy Crawly! 🤘

In this pack, you're not just getting stickers; you're getting a parade of the paranormal. Three mushroom friends, the elusive ghost snail, and the emblematic Grim UK - it's a crew that's here to haunt, taunt, and flaunt the spirit of the underworld.

If you revel in the eerie, if you find comfort in the creepy crawly, then this sticker pack is your haunted sanctuary.  
Order now, and let the creepy crawly takeover commence🤘💀

  • x5 die-cut vinyl stickers in each pack
  • Varying Sizes


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