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Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt in White - PRE-ORDER

Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt in White - PRE-ORDER

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Introducing the Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt in White, where the worlds of tattoo artistry and anime collide in a sensational fusion. This unique piece is not just a t-shirt; it's a canvas of creativity and craftsmanship born from a special collaboration with the multi-award-winning tattoo artist, Siitattooist, based in Lancaster.

Siitattooist is renowned and respected in the inked community for his exceptional talent, specializing in Anime Tattoos. Now, you can wear a piece of his artistry with pride. This t-shirt is a true testament to his craft and the remarkable synergy between the worlds of tattooing and anime.

Available for Pre-order Now!

Be among the first to own this exclusive masterpiece. Our pre-order window is open until November 1st, giving you the chance to secure your Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt before it's officially released.

Estimated Shipping Date: 6 Weeks After Pre-order Closing

We understand that anticipation is half the fun, so we'll keep you updated every step of the way. As the pre-order period closes on November 1st, we'll work diligently to bring your Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt to life. Expect regular updates on production and delivery, so you'll know exactly when to expect this wearable masterpiece.

Join the fusion of two artistic worlds. Express your individuality with a piece that represents not only your style but also the incredible craftsmanship of Siitattooist. Don't miss out; pre-order your Dragon EX Siitattooist T-shirt today, and be part of a unique collaboration that celebrates creativity, expression, and artistry. 

T-shirt also available to Pre-Order in Black.


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