March/April Update

March/April Update

We’ve been hard at work throughout March and the beginning of April! Here’s some of what we’ve been up to!

  1. New Website! 
    We launched a new website with a new theme! We think it looks ace and we hope you do too!
  2. New Logos! 
    We felt it was time to update our logos from our initial designs we made in 2021. 

  3. New T-shirts! 
    We have had a really successful launch of both “Rum Punch” and “Scorpion”. We are really excited about this, and if you bought one please leave us a review!!!
  4. International Orders! 
    We have undertaken the mammoth project of completely redoing how our shipping for international orders is calculated. The benefit is that shipping should be cheaper for our customers, however it will take a while to get shipping for all countries organised. If you would like a quote for shipping and your country is not mentioned please contact us. 

  5. Hashtag! 
    We started a hashtag #wearegrim. If you take photos of yourselves wearing our clothes we would LOVE to see them, share them and maybe even use them on the website! Get involved and join us!
  6. Giveaway! 
    Thanks to everyone who got involved in the giveaway! It’s only a small thing to enter and tag your friends, but for us and what it helps us do with social media is absolutely massive! We will be doing it again as we approach 1k followers on Instagram.

We have a lot more planned coming soon so please follow us on social media. Using either Facebook or Instagram (or both)

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